September 2010

Cyber Bully Assistant Attorney General Stalks Gay Student

Looking for a legal job? This guy's company might soon be hiring.

You’d think that an Assistant Attorney General would have to uphold some pretty high standards of ethics—both inside and outside the office. You’d think that he or she would dress sharply, speak well, be courteous (well, at least outside the courtroom), and know better than to stalk, bash, and bully a 21-year-old gay college student.

Apparently Andrew Shirvell didn’t get the memo.

Shirvell, an Assistant Attorney General from Michigan, has been following University of Michigan’s Student Body President, openly gay student Chris Armstrong, like a hawk. Worse, he’s videotaped the young man at his home, set up a website with photo-shopped images of the young man, stalked his Facebook page, protested him loudly, and generally acted like a child undeserving of his title and status.